Walking near Gendron Gare and Furfooz along the Lesse - Walking in the Ardennes

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The last walk of our walking weekend in March in the Ardennes in Belgium ends with a walk in Gendron-Gare and Furfooz. We leave after breakfast at hotel Auberge le Temps des Saveurs in Paliseul in the Ardennes in Belgium towards the E411 for our walk through Gendron-Gare and Furfooz.
Soon we park our car at the railway station of Gendron-Gare. We begin our walk with a small climb to the uphill road. Actually, this short hike up is not really necessary, because we walk back downhill to the road we just left. We cross the road and walk uphill through the woods to Furfooz in the Ardennes. On the open plains we have a beautiful view of the Ardennes of Belgium. After a short hike we arrive in Furfooz. We are pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the village is.

It takes not a long time to cross the village of Furfooz and soon we walk along a gravel road towards a nice viewpoint on the Lesse and the Ardennes of Belgium. On the bench we look at the beautiful view and then walk towards to the banks of the Lesse.

Arriving downhill we walk underneath a railway bridge across the Lesse. We continue our walk on a trail with is pretty abused by some cars. There are big potholes in the road, but during the walk we occasionally have a beautiful view over the park Furfooz in the Ardennes in Belgium.
At the next bridge we cross the river Lesse and we walk through a village to the next bridge. We also cross the Lesse over this bridge to walk back to Gendron-Gare in the Ardennes in Belgium.
After the second bridge we walk along the banks of the Lesse back towards Gendron-Gare. Nature during this walk is varied and very beautiful. While walking, we come across a Friterie, however this is unfortunately closed. The benches are a nice lunch spot. And sitting in the sun we have a nice break. Over a fun trail we walk back to Gendron-Gare and our walking weekend in the Ardennes in Belgium is at an end.

Initially, we planned to extend this walk, but near the station of Gendron-Gare, we disided that the walk was long enough for today. It is time to drive bank home. The walk is easy to expand with a nice walk to Gendron in the Ardennes.
The walk is not difficult or hard. In the beginning of the hike is a short climb, but then the walk goes down and flat towards Gendron-Gare. In Furfooz we encountered no dinner or food/drink store. So you have to carry your own foods and drinks during the walk.

Length: 9 km
Height difference: 120 m

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