Circular walk at Malchamps via Francorchamps and Roannay - Walking the Ardennes

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On a cloudy Saturday we drive Francorchamps for a walk on the Malchamps. Last winter we made a beautiful walk on the Malchamps, but then there was a lot of snow. This time the snow is gone and we can see the Malchamps during the springtime.

We park the car at the information center of domain Bérinzenne on the Route de Bérinzenne at the Malchamps. We put on our hiking boots and set off for a nice walk on the Malchamps and along the Vallée du Roannay. We start our walk on the Malchamps, and the sun begins to shine. We walk towards the big tower where we climb up for a beautiful view over the Ardennes near Spa and Francorchamps in Belgium.

Then we continue on the deck path towards Francorchamps. Here and there the plank bridges are being replace and there are missing some parts on the deck pad. The Malchamps is a unique piece of nature in the Ardennes. And the beautiful nature is really great to walk through. We regularly pause to view to the flowers, grass and pools. And the parts where the deck pad is missing it is very clear that the Malchamps a swamp area. The ground is always wet, but due to the heavy rain of the last few weeks the hiking trail is sometimes very soggy.

After a nice part of walking, we leave the deck path and hence the Malchamps. We walk a part along the road between Spa and Francorchamps where we have lunch at the restaurant in the corner of the road. After lunch we descend a very nice trail to Francorchamps. We walk on forestry roads to the main road in Francorchamps.

Here we turn right and enter the Vallée du Roannay. In this fun little valley the Roannay flows through the beautiful nature. The track is very versatile and fun to walk. Besides the beautiful nature this part of the walk is a nice change of forest roads that we often encounter in the Ardennes of Belgium. We walk a long way down in the Vallée du Roannay along the Roannay and encounter some exciting bridges. The combination of the Malchamps with the Vallée du Roannay makes this walk so much fun, beautiful and diverse.

We have parked our car at the highest point of the walk, so the last part of the walk, we climb up. Through steep forest roads we walk up surrounded with beautiful views of the Ardennes in Belgium. Just before we arrive at the Malchamps is walking very soggy again. We walk between the trees sow we don’t have to walk up to our ankles in the mud. The last part we walk on a dirt road back to the car.

The combination of the Malchamps with the Vallée du Roannay makes this walk very versatile and really nice. We enjoyed this walk at Francorchamps and highly recommend this hike. Along the way are a few possibilities to obtain food and drink but always take enough with you yourself. Also waterproof shoes are required in this walk on the Malchamps and through the Vallée du Roannay.

Length: 16 km
Height difference: 200 m

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