Walking through the forest near Fourneau - Saint-Michel - Ardennes

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We leave early after breakfast from our hotel in La Roche-en-Ardenne to go for a nice walk in the forest of Fourneau Saint-Michel. We park our car on the RV parking near de Musées du Fourneau Saint-Michel. Musées du Fourneau Saint-Michel is a collection of 4 different museums including, folklore, antiquity and nature. The museum has also provided a short walk through the forest with information about logging and the animals living in the forest. The forest is also used for hunting and some areas are closed during hunting season.

We have planned a bigger walk through the forest than the museum has provided. We walk from the RV parking to the entrance of the forest. We walk over wide walking paths with also is used for logging. This time we like the logger, since he provides some benches in the form of logged trees. We are walk up, but it is over a long period of kilometers, so it isn't steep. We get the impression that there are many animals in the forest so we walk without making too much noise. And we are lucky. Just after half an hour we see some wild boars. They haven't noticed us yet, so they are searching for food on the walking path. But they ran off into the woods as soon as they spot us. We continue our walk quietly and hope we see some more wild animals.

At the end of the forest trail we come upon a tarmac road. We turn to the right and follow the road for about twee kilometers. We come across a sign which tells us there is a wildlife observation along the walking route. The sign tells us to be quite and asks us to spend little time in the wildlife observation. The tarmac road is warm, but the forest is beautiful to walk in, so we continue with joy. We enter the wildlife observation and find it cool inside. We don't see the big wildlife since the sun is shining brightly. We do see two Canada Goose with a little one and a Red-backed Shrike. After a short time we continue our walk and follow the riverside of la Masblette. The walking path is fine, but Horse-flies make it impossible to stop. At the bridge over La Masblette is a bench with provides an excellent rest place. The last part of the forest walking path is along the Arboretum of Saint-Michel. Soon after we arrive back at the parking we discuss the beautiful walk through this beautiful forest.

We really recommend the walk through the forest at Fourneau Saint-Michel. There is a beautiful nature. And if you walk quietly there is a possibility to see some wild life. At the museum is a restaurant and it is the only place where you can buy food and drinks. The Wildlife observation is a nice part of the walk, but please be quite.

Length: nearly 15 km
High difference: 340 m uphill en 340 downhill.

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