Round walk from Belvaux to Han-sur-Lesse - Walking in the Ardennes

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During our hiking weekend from Le Temps des Saveurs in Paliseul in southern Belgium we drive to Han-sur-Lesse for a nice round hiking trip. We park our car beside a quiet road in the village Belvaux along the Lesse. The parking lot is on the hiking trail and we are the only car this day. We get our hiking boots and start our walk in the hilly Ardennes in Belgium

We walk on the asphalt road along the Lesse in the direction Belvaux. We cross the bridge and walk on the other side of the Lesse in Belvaux uphill. At the end of the asphalt road we walk on a dirt road up. Through a beautiful forest we walk a steep road up. Once on altitude we arrive on a hiking trail with is reasonably flat along the steep rocks and though a beautiful the forest. At the beginning of springtime the forest is bright green and on the ground we find several nice flowers.

At the end of this flat part we walk along an excavation and a lookout tower where Sandra goes through. We can imagine that once the view here has been very nice but now the trees are too high for a nice view over the Ardennes near Han-sur-Lesse.

We descend quickly on a steep path and walk a short part along a main road. We leave the main road short after and we turn right. We walk on a dirt forest road towards Han-sur-Lesse. At a parking lot are a lot of cut down trees which we use as a bench. When we think we have had the steepest trails we hike right up the mountain. But the view is stunning and makes the climb well worth it. After this lovely view we walk on a nice walking trail back down and continue our journey to Han-sur-Lesse in the Ardennes.

We arrive at noon in Han-sur-Lesse, but the supermarket and bakery are both closed. We had the idea of a nice sandwich on a park bench, but that is not going to happen in the city Centre of Han-sur-Lesse. We walk to the entrance of the caves of Han and see a restaurant that sells sandwiches. We buy two half baguettes and look for a bench to sit down. After lunch we leave Han-sur-Lesse and walk on a very nice walking trail back towards Belvaux. The narrow hiking trail along the meadows gives a nice view over the Ardennes around Han-sur-Lesse.

The last climb again provides a very nice view over the Ardennes around Han-sur-Lesse. By a cut down forest we walk to the highest point of this walk at Han-sur-Lesse. We descend on an asphalt road in the woods before we enter the forest again towards Belvaux. Through a very green forest we walk back to the car.

This walk around Han-sur-Lesse is very varied. Beautiful woods and rocks alternate with beautiful views of surrounding Ardennes around Han-sur-Lesse. We have really enjoyed this round walk at Han-sur-Lesse. This tour can be combined with a visit to the caves of Han; the trail runs along the entrance. Only in Han-sur-Lesse is food and drink available. So bring enough food and drinks for the round walk.

Length: 17.5 km
Height difference: in total 250 m

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