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Through the internet we contacted the people of this B&B for a glacier cruise. The owners have booked the glacier cruise for us and we only have to get our tickets at the ticket information and pay them. We are getting on a big cruise boat with very little people to see the Columbia Glacier and Meares Glacier up close.
We are just about on our way and the first sea otter is floating in the water. The captain of the boat tells us that they always keep their feet above water and turn continuously to keep their fur wet. The sea otter often lie in a circle with the young in the middle for protection. During the cruise we see a lot of these animals.
A bit further on there are two sea lions sleeping on a buoy. Next we see a humpback whale and our captain tries to follow it. Another whale, a Bald Eagle, seals, puffins… We see very large numbers of animals in the water and lots of species of birds.
At the Columbia Glacier there are icebergs in the water and we have to keep our distance. In the distance the Glacier is clearly visible. The captain takes his time to give everyone the time to have a look. Afterwards he continues to the Meares Glacier. Here we can get a lot closer. The Meares Glacier is known for calving, where big pieces of ice break of the front of glacier. And obviously we hope it happens when we are there. We don’t have to wait long, the cracking starts. Large chunks of ice fall from the glacier. Try and get that in a picture.
We head back to Valdez, where we sea a group of sea lions. We also sea some special puffins.
After a glacier cruise of 9 hours we arrive back in Valdez.
If you love nature and animals, then the glacier cruise is well worth the time and money. Keep your camera ready and bring a warm coat. It’s a day to never forget.

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