Seward - Hiking to Exit Glacier and Harding Icefield - Alaska - USA

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Today we head out towards the Harding Ice field. Of course we stop at the ranger station first to ask about recent bear activity on the track we want to take. We don't have to worry about the Grizzly bear, but there are some black bears in the region. It's going to be another day of a lot of talking during the hiking. Hey bear and hello bear are used a lot.
The hike gains about 900 vertical meters. The first part is fairly steep and sometimes you have to use all fours. It's nice walking through the forest and squirrels are shooting of in the undergrowth.
After hiking for an hour we reach the tree line. Finally we can look around us a little bit. A small plain gives us a nice view over the rest of the path and the mountain slope. Fairly soon we reach the first patch of snow which we have to cross. Not much later there's only snow we have to clamber through upwards. Slowly and carefully we climb up without crampons. It can be done, but good hiking boots are a must. At the first viewpoint we decide to climb a bit higher. About 200 meters up through the snow on a steep slope, that's going to be fun on the way down! When we arrive at the next hill, we can continue towards the next hill, but on the maps we can see it keeps going until 1500 meters up. That's a lot to climb in one day. From where we are now, we can see what the ice field looks like and probably will look for another 200 years. We decide to go back.
On the way down we see some black dots traversing the mountain. Finally bears we can recognize as bears! Luckily these are at comfortable distance for us. We can see four legs and it moves! After they move out of sight we go further downhill and see another black bear high up on the mountain. After we arrive back at the ranger station we report our bear sighting with a ranger and depart for our B&B.

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