Palmer - Kenai Fjords - Seward - Alaska - USA

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Today we drive to Seward. A fairly long drive to the south of Alaska.
Before we leave Palmer we decide to take a walk in the city park. But unfortunately the heat and the mosquitoes make this impossible. It's to hot in the forest and the mosquitoes are buzzing around you. The paths in the park are poorly indicated, but with a little searching we arrive back at our car. We take the highway towards Anchorage. Because there is no highway around the city, you have to go straight through it. And with all the traffic lights, it takes a while. After we leave Anchorage behind us, we drive along the coast towards the south. We stop at a viewpoint where Beluga whales are seen regularly. We don't see any because the migration season has not started yet. But from this parking area you have great views and it's worth the stop.
We enter the Kenai Fjords National Park. Over a beautiful highway we arrive in the coastal town of Seward. Our cottage is just outside of Seward and because we're fairly early we decide to explore Seward itself. After some shopping we drive back and talk with the owners of the cottage a bit. At the end of the evening a moose with two calves walk across the terrain of our B&B. Not just us, but also the owners of the B&B are excited to see them and walk outside with a camera.
Because we want to go to the Harding Ice field tomorrow, we'd like to know the weather forecast. The outlook is good and we're convinced we can have a great hike tomorrow

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