Palmer - Hiking at Hatcher Pass - Alaska - USA

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Today we planned a hike at Hatcher Pass. We don't know yet if we're going up, or taking an easier walk alongside a river.
We decide to do the latter and choose a walk alongside the Little Susitna River. Fairly level and with great views on both sides. The valley is fairly open and the path is well maintained. The only thing is it's hot, something you don't expect when hiking in Alaska. From time to time the path is overgrown and we have to make some more noise for the bears. We see bear prints, but that's all for today. We do see some Dall sheep. We walk a good way towards the Mint Glacier and take our time to admire the view. We pass lot's of beaver dams and many different kinds of vegetation.
When we arrive back at the parking lot, we drive on towards the Independence mine. This used to be a gold mine, but this one is also abandoned and collapsed, but it's being slowly restored. Unfortunately they leave the collapsed buildings and don't take the effort to remove anything. After having a quick look around we drive back to our B&B and enjoy a nice BBQ.

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