Homer Spit and Bald Eagles - Alaska - USA

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We don't actually have a plan for today. The weather isn't al that good and Homer is a real fisherman's village. You can fish, look at fish and fish, but hiking isn't in the list of options.
We decide to have a look at the Carl E. Wynn Nature Center in the morning. A small non-profit park with a few small routes. Without a guide we head out and see a moose with 2 calves fairly close by. The mother stands still for a moment and can take a few nice pictures. Afterwards they walk away and we don't see them again.
There should be a water reservoir somewhere where there are some hikes, but try and find it! Eventually with lot's of effort we find the way to the reservoir, but there is no trail. A waste of effort and after a short stop we head to the next hike. Here too it's a search for the parking area because the sign has fallen over. We park our car and search for the trailhead. After going the wrong way 3 times we think we're on the right track, but we're not really sure. The hiking tourism in Homer is dramatic.
Then we'll have a look at the wildlife conservation center. From there we can take a plastic foot bridge to the beach. There we see a Bald Eagle's nest and we decide to walk towards it. After a short walk we head back towards our car and see some crane birds. Two parents with two young walk through the marshy area just behind the beach.
And because we do want to go to the McDonalds in the USA we decide to go there in Homer. At the moment we walk outside with our ice cream a traffic jam starts in Homer. Two moose are grazing at the side of the road. Obviously every tourist wants t stop his car and take a picture. Pretty soon dozens of tourists group together and the locals are annoyed by the behavior of the tourists.

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