Fairbanks - North Pole - Chitina - Alaska - USA

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The journey to Chitina is long, so we take our car and leave early in the morning to head south. Pretty soon we are near Fairbanks and we start heading east. On the way we pass North Pole, of course we have to make a stop there. All mail from the United States addressed to Santa are delivered here. So in true American style a shop has been built here. Christmas shopping in the summer! It shouldn't get any crazier.
After takingsome pictures we continue towards Delta Junction. Via Delta Junction we drive south towards Glenallen. The first section of the highway is spectacularly beautiful. We enjoy the nature and take lot's of pictures. They only forgot the scenic views on this highway, or they are behind trees... Unfortunately, about halfway on the highway the beautiful open nature ends. The road gets surrounded by trees and parking areas are scarce. Fortunately it only lasts for 2 hours and we arrive at Glenallen. From Glenallen we drive to the visitor centre of Wrangell St. Elias. Before our vacation we requested some information from a ranger. He advised us to ask for the recent weather forecast and bear sightings at the ranger station. Coincidentally, the ranger is present when we arrive and we tell our experiences so far. He shows us a movie about the workings of the Kennicott mine where we are going tomorrow.
At the end of the day we arrive in the dusty valley and our hotel in Chitina.

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