Hiking in Denali National Park - Mount McKinley - Alaska - USA

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Today we have booked a bus excursion into Denali National Park. The 60 mile ride into the park is prohibited for private vehicles (that includes your rental car). Our bus driver loves her job and is telling us the whole way about animals she's seen, the nature and how grows in the park and funny experiences during the tours. She's exceptionally good in spotting the wildlife in Denali NP. Pretty soon we see some ground squirrels, which we'll see a lot more of. During the trip we see caribou, moose, 1 bear, marmots, squirrels, golden eagle and the bald eagle.
After 60 miles the bus can't go any further and we turn around. We ask our bus driver where there's a nice spot to go for a walk. An hour later we're dropped of the bus and we head of for a bit into the wilderness. Unfortunately the weather starts looking like it's going to take a turn for the worse and a lot of clouds start drifting in. So after walking into the valley for half an hour, we head back out. We walk alongside the the road for a while and take the next bus out of the park.

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