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Today we travel by minibus on the gravel road towards McCarthy in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park. We are not allowed to take the road with our rental car, and to be fair, you don't want to. During the drive the driver tells about the nature, the climate and the wildlife that lives here. Along the way we stop at an old railway viaduct that was built in a week, the workers we're promised a case of whisky if they finished in time. A good motivation to quickly build a viaduct. We also cross the local bungyjump bridge. The driver can tell us it takes 6 seconds for a rock to reach the bottom. When we arrive at the footbridge into McCarthy we still haven't seen a bear. We do hope to see one before we leave Alaska.
We cross the footbridge to McCarthy and head to the Lancaster's backpackers hotel. Well, hotel... It's a roam with a bed and some blankets. Otherwise the hotel has a Spartan look and feel, but that's also what it said in the travel description.
Because we want to do 2 hikes, we decide to walk to the Root Glacier in the afternoon. The walk is not to hard and takes you easily to the glacier, which you can walk onto for a bit without crampons. After an hour we reacht the Root Glacier and we meet some Alaskans on their way to Donoho Peak. The man walks with us for a bit onto the glacier and we take our time to take pictures. After an hour we're back in Kennicott and we take the shuttle back to McCarthy.

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