Flight Anchorage - Amsterdam - Alaska - USA

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We get up early to go to the airport. The owner of the B&B has put some breakfast in our fridge. We have breakfast, pack our last things and head towards the airport. We are actually to early to return our car, but if it's already in the parking lot, we can already check in . After checking in we walk to the Hertz counter to return the keys. We have an employee who has some trouble being there on time and has a morning mood as well. Fortunately we're done very soon and can go through security. After that we have something to eat and go tot the plane.
In the plane we're told that thunderstorms in Chicago are making landing difficult and it's not sure we can land in Chicago at all. After an hour it becomes clear we can land, which leaves us with only half an hour to catch our connecting flight. Fortunately we also land at another gate and we arrive at our next plane in 10 minutes. We see very many people at the counters that didn't make their flights, we're lucky this time. We're not to worried about our luggage. We're going home and if our luggage isn't there it will arrive the next day. We try to sleep in the plane, but it's not going all that well. After a long flight we get close to the Netherlands and land at Schiphol. The end of a great vacation.

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