Hiking in Alaska - The last frontier

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Alaska (AK) is one of the biggest states of the United States of America. The capitol is Juneau and the biggest city is Anchorage. With almost 700.000 inhabitants it's not exactly crowded, but the biggest part of Alaska is inhabitable. Most residents live south of Fairbanks. There is one highway to the north, to Barrow, but the blacktop stops about 100 miles before the polar circle, from there on it's a gravel road.

Alaska is the biggest state of the United States. The funny thing is that Alaska is not bordering on any other state, but borders on Canada. Alaska was bought from Russia in 1867 for 7,2 million, because they thought the land had no value.
Time has proven the land certainly has value. During the years a lot of gold, copper and oil has been found. Currently oil is the biggest source of revenue for the area. About 30 years ago they started constructing the Trans Alaska Pipeline, extending from Barrow to Valdez.

Alaska also has some national parks. The most famous are: Denali, Wrangel - St Ellias, Glacier Bay, Katmai and Kenai Fjords. The lesser known parks are: Lake Clark, Gates of the Artics and Kobult valley.

Our vacation in Alaska was a fly-drive through the inhabited world of Alaska. If you click in the menu on the left you can read about the places we visited.

If we had time to spare we would certainly go back to Alaska. The peace and quiet, the people and certainly the nature make it a trip to never forget.

And finally we want to thank Arie and Henny for the great company during the vacation.

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