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On this website you'll find travelogues, hikes and impressions we had during our vacations.
In the menu above you'll find the tab Vacations where our travelogues are. Our travelogues are divided into the countries we have visited.

In the past years we've been to Switzerland twice to enjoy the nature, the peace and the mountains. During these vacations we made long, and also short hikes.

The island Madeira is also a great place t go hiking. In the spring all the flowers are in bloom. This doesn't just look great, but also smells fantastic! An island to drive across with your car windows open.

Of the Canary Islands we have visited several in the past years. La Gomera is a great hiking island. The trails are well marked and there is enough documentation to be found to walk through the ancient forests of the island. The neighbouring island of Tenerife is a beautiful island to drive across. The roads are good and there are enough places worth a visit. Tenerife is more touristy, so fun excursions by smaller agencies are also possible.

Gran Canaria is the biggest island of the Canary Islands. Although the nature as very beautiful, the trails aren't always well marked.

With a couple of friends we went on vacation to Turkey. Hiking wasn't much of an option there. At the coast it's too hot there in the summer.

We wanted to go on vacation during Christmas one time, and London caught our eye. A short fun vacation, just a shame a lot is closed during Christmas.

Our journey to Alaska was very spectacular. We flew across the ocean for the first time and slept at different locations. We have seen a large portion of the inhabited area of Alaska.

The next destination we went to is Iceland. During our roundtrip we got a good impression of the Island. Iceland is fantastically beautiful and very photogenic, where around every corner something beautiful is waiting to be explored.

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